About Us

Eric Johnson – co-founder: Eric has 30+ years experience with plant propagation, gardening, orchards, composting and soil improvement. He has been a science and math teacher in the Boulder Valley schools, helped to develop garden-based science curricula, and taught horticulture in the Boulder area. Boulder County has been his home for nearly 60 years. He lives in north Boulder with his wife and daughter.

Brant Clark – co-founder: Brant’s background is in strategic logistics, network technology, desert and mountain spaces and roofing.  Widely traveled, he picked up the cider bug in southwestern England. Proper cider requires proper apples, and so began an endeavour to plant and grow apple trees. Eight years later (as of 2023), he is still substituting effort for apple related knowledge and skill. Boulder is home and has been, off and on, for 50 or so years. He has a wife and son, and almost enough bicycles.