Apple trees available to good homes

We have quite a few apple trees available to give away this Spring. Please email us (here’s the contact page) if you’re interested.  Now is the time to plant, and now is when we need to find homes for these trees.

Here’s a description of what’s available:

EATING APPLES: We have some Honeycrisp, some York Imperial, Golden Russet, Esopus Spitzenburg, Ashmead’s Kernel, and a smattering of others. Variously on Antonovka (full size tree), Budagovsky 9 (dwarf tree), or EMLA 7 (large dwarf tree) rootstocks. These are good trees for homeowners who’d like their own apples to eat. Mostly in 2-3 gallon pots.

CIDER APPLES: About a dozen bittersweets, comprised of the following cultivars … Gros Frequin, Blanc Mollet, Jouveaux, Caillouett (spelling? not sure this one is a bittersweet, either), and Gros Launet. Almost all are on Antonovka (full size tree) rootstock. Most of these are in one-gallon pots. Perfect for serious cider makers.

WILD APPLES: A dozen or two, mostly Malus sieversii from Central Asia. Mostly on Antonovka (full size tree) rootstock. Some are on Budagovsky 9 (dwarf tree) roostock. Likely not the best eating apples, these contain priceless genetics not otherwise present in the North American apple gene pool. A mix of potted trees and some in the ground that need to be dug. Why not plant a dozen for a unique landscape statement on a larger property?

MISCELLANEOUS LOCAL APPLES: Probably a dozen or two of these, almost all on Antonovka (full size tree) rootstock. These were grafted from roadside seedlings and the like. No idea of the apple quality. These would make a great row of trees that could hang over a fence into a horse pasture.